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LeShopz is a social shopping platform for creating and sharing global shopping streets. Users can create their own shopping street from a database of shops and streets from around the globe that have been upload by our users.

The platform is perfect for exploring new shopping streets unique to any particular region around the world. As a shopper you might know all the shops locally in your city or country, but what trendy shops and cool streets on the other side of the globe are yet to be discovered.

As a registered street owner you can build your own virtual street. You can customize it, name it and best of all add shop real shop fronts to it from other well known and not so well know shopping streets from around the globe.

Managing and socially sharing your streets is fun. If you discover a new shop that you want the world to know about LeShopz is the perfect online platform to share it with. Once share through your favorite social platforms you can get others to shop on your virtual street.

It’s as easy as: Build, Shop & Discover.

If you would like to learn more about LeShopz or want to share some news about the great shopping opportunities in your local town or city please contact us we would love to hear from you:

Happy shopping from the LeShopz Team!